The studies at the newly established Department of the University of Western Macedonia – first admission of students in the Academic year 2019-2020 – aim at educating students on contemporary issues of Managerial Science and Technology. In particular, the mission of the Department is education, research and in general the high training in the fields of Managerial Science that are directly related to Modern Technologies and Organizational Studies, emphasizing the utilization of Informatics, Communication in decision making and quantitative methods. with the ultimate goal of drawing up a business strategy and reorganizing business activities.

Nowadays, New Technologies play a leading role in the development and operation of Businesses and Organizations. At the same time, the demand for electronic interconnection of the activities of modern units, the need for organizational transformation of Businesses / Organizations and the pressure exerted by globalization and international competition significantly differentiate the knowledge and skills that modern executives must have. Taking into account the afore-mentioned, the Curriculum of the Department of Managerial Science and Technology aims at the preparation of tomorrow’s executives through an interdisciplinary integration of the Administrative and Technological scientific fields.