Studies Advisor

The Studies Advisor is a member of the teaching staff of the Department and provides students with the necessary support to meet the requirements of their studies at the University.

In addition to the Basic Studies Counselor appointed annually by the General Assembly of the Department, the studies advisor has the primary responsibility for the guidance, psychological and emotional support and development of the basic educational, professional and personal goals of students. Every member of the teaching staff of the Department, undertakes groups of students and makes sure to host meetings at regular intervals at least twice within the semester.

The Studies Advisor organizes at least one workshop every academic semester. Details for the meeting are posted on the main page of the Department, ten working days prior to the event, under the care and supervision of the Studies Advisor. Prior to the event, the Studies Advisor, in collaboration with MODIP, plans the manner and content of the evaluation of the workshop.

Students, especially freshmen, are encouraged to have frequent meetings with advisors in order to organize their curriculum and solve related problems.

Student Advocate

The purpose of the Student Advocate is the mediation between students and professors or administrative services of the institution, the observance of legality in the context of academic freedom, the treatment of maladministration and the preservation of the proper functioning of the institution. The student advocate is not responsible for students’ examinations and grades.

Postgraduate Advocate

The Department of Managerial Science and Technology has appointed a responsible Alumni Advisor with the main responsibility of guiding graduates in matters of Vocational Guidance.

Research Interest Groups

The student research interest groups are part of the research activity of the Communication in Management and Technology laboratory, under the guidance of faculty members of the Department, with the main goal of creating an “entrepreneurship club”, which will serve as the basis for setting up a Private Capital Company for the commercial exploitation of research results. The aim of the research groups is to extract research results through the establishment of questionnaires, a platform for mapping characteristics and skills, strengths and weaknesses, the creation of a database on the course of business during the transition to the Post-Lignite era, and networking with University students.