I congratulate you and welcome you to the Department of Managerial Science and Technology. As the Head of the Department and as a University Professor, who welcomes the admitted students, I carry the responsibility for the perfection of your studies and the correct dissemination of academic vision and values. Our main goal is to encourage knowledge and learning, to highlight your skills, to strengthen your goals and hopes for your academic and professional career. Our goal is beyond the transmission of perfect knowledge, to conduct innovative research in order to inspire our students. Within a democratic spirit, you will have the opportunity via speech and controversy, your positions and oppositions to express your views on each issue. These years are crucial for your later life, as they give you the opportunity to better understand yourself and your reactions to a new environment and to face the difficulties that will arise with empathy and awareness. You will learn to claim, with justice and rationality, your rights, to fight for the solution of common problems related to the proper functioning of our academic community, stimulating the extroversion of academic work. We will be by your side in all your fair and lawful claims.

The mission of the Department of Managerial Science and Technology is the provision of proper education and research in the field of Managerial Science, which is directly related to modern technologies and organizational studies by emphasizing the use of quantitative methods, information technology, communications in decision making, its ethics, communication of Organizations and Businesses with modern methods, negotiation and mediation, within the European institutions, with references to the past, present and future, to the formulation of the business strategy and to the reorganization of business activities.

Nowadays, the role of new technologies is even more demanding in the development and operation of Organizations and Businesses, the requirement for electronic interconnection of the activities of modern units, the need for organizational transformation of Organizations and Businesses. In this direction, the Department of Managerial Science and Technology, aims at the preparation of executives. On the one hand, the Curriculum of the Department, emphasizes the interdisciplinary integration of the administrative and technological scientific disciplines. On the other hand, the courses of Pedagogical and Didactic Adequacy, contributes to the training and education of competent teachers and future executives through an interdisciplinary integration of the Administrative and Technological scientific fields of education, whereby training is required in consciousness, cognitive, emotional communication and leadership, with the aim of becoming agents of administrative and educational creation and innovation in the Greek educational system.

I wish you all, to benefit from your studies and to contribute significantly and decisively to education, theory and practice. I hope that our Department will manage to lay a solid foundation in your professional development.