Congratulations and welcome to the Department of Management Science and Technology. As Head of the Department and Professor welcoming new students, I carry the ever-increasing duty of your study adequacy and dissemination of our vision and values. Our main objective is to encourage you to expand your knowledge, promote your skills, enhance your goals, and hopes for your academic and professional career. Furthermore, we aim at inspiring our students through cutting-edge research. Adopting democratic procedures, such as counter-/arguments, points, and contrasts, you can express your opinion on all matters. Being a student is decisive for your future as you can get to know yourself and your reactions better in a new environment and to face arising difficulties with empathy and mindfulness.  You will learn how to claim your rights fairly and rationally, to fight for resolving problems which are related to proper function of the academic community, thus enhancing academic extroversion. We are on your side for all your fair and rightful claims.

Our mission is to educate on and research Management Science fields that are directly connected with cutting-edge technologies and organisational studies, putting emphasis on quantitative methods, IT, decision-making communication, modern corporate ethics methods, negotiation and mediation within European institutions with reference to classic past, present and future, corporate strategy planning and reorganising corporate activities.

Today, new technologies play an ever increasing and demanding role on Corporate and Institution development and function, e-interconnection requirement between modern unit activities, need for their organisational transformation due to the pressure imposed by international competition which challenges the knowledge and skills that corporate executives should have.

The Department of Management Science and Technology aims at executives’ development putting emphasis on interdisciplinary integration of management and IT fields.

Wishes for a successful student life which will contribute decisively on education and lay a solid foundation on your professional development.