The Department operates one research laboratory under the name Laboratory of Management Science and Technology – MSL, Communication in Management and Technology. The objectives and actions of the laboratory are oriented to:

  • Promotion of research and teaching activities, related to challenges concerning communication and digital communication in the fields of administration and the media. Such challenges are mainly related to the topics of ​​Organizations, Companies, Management, Business, Society, New Technologies. The Program further aims to explain the role of the afore-mentioned topics in the operation of Organizations and Businesses.
  • Undertaking research projects in collaboration with research centers and academic institutes.
  • Providing opportunities for the publication of scientific papers in international journals.
  • Planning the creation of a journal, in order to highlight the research and scientific activities of the members of the Department.
  • Provision of consulting services to Organizations / Companies.
  • Organization of educational activities, seminars, conferences, workshops and lectures.
  • Planning the establishment of a Trading Office about Interpersonal and Working Relations and the Acquisition of Student Experience.