Student Ombudsman

The Student Ombudsman, currently pending, is a service subject to Law 4009/2011, aiming at a) due process in the context of academic freedom, b) mediation between students and the University academic staff or administrative services c) fight against incompetent management and d) the proper functioning of the University. The Student Ombudsman is appointed by the Senate and is under a professor or emeritus professor’s responsibility.

The Student Ombudsman:

  • investigates cases, ex officio or following a student report, and mediates dispute settlements to the competent University Bodies
  • is eligible to apply to UoWM services for any information, document or other evidence about legal cases, conducts investigations, carries out autopsies and expert examinations
  • draws up reports, in case of illegal actions, incompetent management or disruption of the proper functioning of the University, which are notified to the competent Professor or administrative service and the student who submitted a report, and mediates problems by any appropriate means
  • is eligible to file ambiguous, unsubstantiated or unproven reports, whereas in case of disciplinary misconduct, the case is forwarded to a competent disciplinary legal authority.