For issues regarding:

  • Board
  • Accommodation in the dormitories and the dormitories Regulation
  • Issuing a European Health Insurance  Card,
  • Information regarding student welfare (such as student housing allowance)

students are asked to communicate with the city-based Student Welfare Office. Contact details are posted on the website:

Possible damage to the rooms or buildings of the dormitories as well as problems of technical nature should be registered directly in the damage reporting system:

For students’ support regarding issues of disability or learning difficulties as well as free psychological and counseling support, students are kindly requested to contact the Unit of Supporting Vulnerable Social Groups: .

Students can submit their complaints to UoWM Legal Services using an e-form – “Complaint Submission Form”- available at the e-mail address: in which they briefly, clearly and objectively state the problem – complaint.

Once complaints have been handled, the Legal Advisor must inform the Head of Department, the Student Advocate, the Ethics Committee or the Data Protection Officer. Students involved are informed about the actions taken and the outcome of the case.