The Curriculum focuses on the Sciences of Education and Teaching Practice and leads to the receipt of the Certificate of Pedagogical and Teaching Adequacy in accordance to the Law 3848/2010 and the decision of the Senate 113 / 21-5-2020.

Specifically, as provided by the provisions of article 2 par. 3 par. A of the Law 3848/2010, as amended by article 36 par. 4547/2018 and article 20 of the Law 4559/2018, the Pedagogical and Didactic competence is obligatory and is certified by holding a degree from a university, the curriculum of which ensures the necessary theoretical training and practical training and graduates who have the special formal qualifications for appointment in primary or secondary education in accordance with the provisions in force. The curriculum is evaluated in order to ensure the Pedagogical and Didactic competence in the evaluation of the Department.